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What is Prosper BI?

Prosper BI is a cognitive insights tool which provides historical, current and predictive views of business operations enabling smarter decision making.

How does Prosper BI work?

Prosper BI takes business data from multiple sources and provides an overall view of business operations. With our smart dashboard you can easily spot trends and build scenarios to run your business more efficiently.

Who should use Prosper BI?

If you are a start up looking to create a business plan to raise capital or an enterprise business who needs to improve their departmental budgeting then Prosper Systems is for you. We provide the tools that help businesses run their day to day operations.

Bring Certainty To Your Business’ Future

Prosper BI for

Start ups

Utilise our start up package to build out your business plan. Create sales forecasts, investment targets and track loan repayments to stay on top of your finances and help your business succeed.


Prosper BI for


Integrate your accountancy software and utilise our automated forecasting to view actionable insights that enable you to run your business operations more effectively whilst saving you valuable time.